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Soccer’s rules and regulations are maintained and updated annually by the International Football Association Board (IFAB)

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Football is such a popular sport because it creates extraordinary emotions for those who watch. And these emotions are created thanks to nerve-wracking and s.

Soccer Rules when taking the game indoors.

Indoor Soccer Rules are different than outdoor rules of soccer.

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Soccer Rules Explained (Laws of the Game)

Whether you’re coaching, playing, or just watching from the sidelines, you need to understand the basic soccer rules.

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Ninh explains the Rules of Football (Soccer). A beginner's explanation of the laws of Soccer.

Soccer Offside Rule Explained - YouTube

A basic review of the offside rule in soccer. This is a good lesson for spectators or new players that are confused by the rule.

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The soccer handball rule explained: What is the new soccer handball rule change for 2020?

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Here you can read the most important basketball rules in short form.